96 ID Tube-Rack-System

The LVL Sample Rack is a practical system for a cost-efficient sample archiving of individual tubes, which has been tried & tested over many years. The 96 tubes (1.2 and 0.65 ml) can be individually removed, but at the same time are connected by a holding frame, so that individual tubes cannot fall out. On the underside, the tubes have an alphanumeric code for easier identification. The rack corresponds to the SBS format and is therefore suitable for all automatic pipetting devices.

Two versions with different heights take into account the individual specifications of various manufacturers of automatic pipetting devices. The robust construction is closed with a dust-proof cover. A bevelled edge on the rack is used to positively position the refill unit. The side edges can be labelled with a bar code. The LVL Sample Rack is made of polypropylene (PP) and can be autoclaved at 121°C and is temperature resistant down to -80°C. The tubes of the LVL Sample Rack are available individually, as strips of 8 or in a 96 tube format as a refill system in 8x 12 support frames. The tubes can be optionally closed with sealing mats, 8x cover strips or with self-adhesive film.


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