For Fluent®, Freedom EVO® und Genesis®

  • For Air Liquid Handling (LiHa) Arm, Air FCA Arm, Liquid LiHa Arm, Liquid FCA Arm, MultiChannel ArmTM (MCA) 96
  • Conductive LiHa-tips (10, 50, 200 and 1.000 µl) hanging in standard tray and stacked in ANSI/SBS-Box (Tip-Box must be ordered separately)
  • Clear MCA tips (50 and 200 µl) in individually in SBS rack or stacked
  • With and without filter
  • Degree of purity S (Sterilized), P (Pure*) and C (Clean)
  • LiHa-tips available in Blister 2, Blister 5 and in ECO Dual Pack
  • Tray Strong = reinforced frame with attachment points for use with ANSI-Boxes

*Produced in cleanroom class ISO 8, in accordance with ISO 146144-1. Certified free of DNA, Endotoxin/Pyrogen, ATP, RNAse


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