Microtest Plates

  • Material: Polystyrene (PS)
  • SBS standard micro test plate format
  • Round cavities with F-Bottom
  • Volume 1880 µl per well
  • Black Plates reduce background fluorescence and minimize back-scatter light
  • Optimum signal to noise ratio
  • Lids with condensation rings available
  • Suitable for adhesive and heat sealing
  • Free from DNase, RNase and human genomic DNA
  • Further options: Available barcoded and Sterilisation on request
96 Well Micro Test Plate clearRequest Sample

96 Well Micro Test Plate clear

  • Material: clear polystyrene (PS) or translucent polypropylene (PP)
  • With U-, F-, or V-bottom
  • SBS standard micro test plate format
  • 8 x 12 wells alphanumerically coded

Order Details

96 Well Micro Test Plate clear

Article No.BottomMaterialPackageQuantity per Pack
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225.MT.0.3.U.PSUPSBags 10x10100
225.MT.0.3.Us.PSUPS + sterilsingle wrapped100
225.MT.0.3.U.PPUPPBags 10x10100
225.MT.0.3.Us.PPUPP + sterilsingle wrapped100
225.MT.0.3.F.PSFPSBags 10x10100
225.MT.0.3.Fs.PSFPS + sterilsingle wrapped100
225.MT.0.3.F.PPFPPBags 10x10100
225.MT.0.3.Fs.PPFPP + sterilsingle wrapped100
225.MT.0.3.V.PSVPSBags 10x10100
225.MT.0.3.Vs.PSVPS + sterilsingle wrapped100
225.MT.0.3.V.PPVPPBags 10x10100
225.MT.0.3.Vs.PPVPP + sterilsingle wrapped100

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