LVL AD Sealer

The LVL AD Sealer is always used where sealing of Microtiter-, PCR, special plates as well as casket systems shall take place in a fully automated- as well as manually controlled process.

  • Footprint: 212mm by 250mm
  • Automatic plate recognition: Recognizes automatically the fed plate and seals it reliable without any overlap of the foil. Automated, in this context, does not bring any limitation: It is however possible to adjust sealing parameters like sealing pressure and possibly required foil overlap and so on. The device can then recognize different plates by their height.
  • Simple integration: Can be easily integrated into new and existing pipetting machines and robotic systems (200-AS). It is also possible to control the sealer by using a well-documented driver DLL. The AS-200 includes the integration software and you can order a sensor (200-SE) which detects when the sealing roll is coming to an end.
  • Optimal Software control: Software is compatible with all Microsoft Windows operating systems starting from Windows 2000 including Windows 8.
  • Interface: The software contains a user friendly interface. Diagnostic functions, like foil-sheet counter, foil end sensor and cutter break diagnostics allow a high level of operating reliability.
  • Easy operation: All plates are recognized automatically. Whether it is about shallow well-, deep well-, PCR- or other plate, additional adapters are not necessary.
  • Secure sealing: Adhesive sealing foil is sticked to the plate by pressure. In that way disadvantages owing to heat impression and problems of bad adhesion between plate and foil can be completely excluded.
  • Fast: The complete sealing cycle takes about 8 seconds.
  • For use with our self-adhesive foil as rolled goods
  • Compatible with: F100Now-R; F100PCR-R; AF100Gold-R


Automated Sealer for Adhesive Foils – Option “stand alone” - Article No.: 100-AS

Automated Sealer for Adhesive Foils – Option “integrated” - Article No.: 200-AS


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