SAFE® Tube and Rack READER

Now available!

LVL fully automated SAFE® Tube AND Tube Rack READER. 


The new standard for fast and reliable SBS 2D Tube Rack Decoding

The best choice for decoding your 2D Codes.

Scans single tubes:
As well as racks, single tubes with 2D codes can also be scanned by placing the code anywhere on the reading window.

Scans SBS format sample racks:
Decodes any 24, 48, 96 or 384 format well racks without any configuration in less than a second!

Power supply:
No additional cable required - connect your scanner to your laptop via USB cable and off you go!

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An Overview of the Product Features:

Specs & Features:

The SAFE® Tube und Tube Rack READER reads 2D codes from SAFE® Tubes and all other common 2D tubes in standardized SBS format in less than a second.

  • Automatic Rack Detection: When a rack is placed on the scanner, built in rack sensors will detect it automatically. Decoding begins when a rack has been detected requiring no further action from the user.

  • Dynamic A1 Positioning: Built in sensors will detect the A1 position of the rack and adjust the A1 position accordingly.
  • Smart Signal Lighting System: Fully confi gurable RGB LED‘s indicate the state of the current rack being scanned. E. g red can be used to signify a missing tube.

  • Keyboard Wedge Functionality: The device acts as a keyboard. Simply connect it to an application and the characters belonging to a code will be sent there directly when it is scanned.

  • Cryoguard Technology: Cryoguard protects the scanner against frost and condensation when used with cold labware.

  • Multiple Export Options: CSV, JSON, PDF, XLS, XMS & TCP/IP data export options available.

  • No Mode Changes Required: Switch between different racks and tubes instan-taneously without the need for reconfi guration - software adjusts to optimal reading parameters.

  • LIMS Integration: Compatible with most available LIMS systems.

  • Robot/Integration Friendly: Easily set up the Reader with robotics and automation systems.

  • No license key required: Can be connected to an unlimited number of different PCs.

Article No.: DMTR-SBS

Technical Details:

Dimensions (L x B x H}     

180 x 130 x 160 mm
Weight 1.9 kg
Supported OS Windows 10 & 11
Connectivity USB 2.0 or 3.0 port
Power SV via USB connection
Certification Conforms to CE & FCC & IP65
Warranty 24 months



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