SAFE® Single Tube Reader

The LVL SAFE® Single Tube Reader reads 2D and 1D codes. They are fast, flexible and also available as a mobile version.

SAFE® READ Single Tube

SAFE® READ Single Tube

Stationary Single Tube Reader for individual 2D coded tubes

Further Details
SAFE® READ Single Tube Mobile

SAFE® READ Single Tube Mobile

Mobile Single Tube Reader for
an individual, 2D coded tube

Further Details
SAFE® READ Single Code HD

SAFE® READ Single Code HD

Stationary scanning for 1D and 2D codes HD
Using area-imaging technology and a grayscale sensor with a 838 x 640 resolution
Wide viewing area due to a field of view of 41.4° horizontally and 32.2° vertically
USB, keyboard wedge, RS232 and RS485 connectivity options

An Overview of the Product Features:

SAFE® READ Single Tube

The stationary Single Tube Reader scans 2D codes of SAFE® and any additional standard 2D tubes in SBS rack

  • Scans SBS- and Cryo Tubes in just 5 seconds
  • Easy export in MS Excel, XML or text and scanned images can also be saved
  • The SAFE® READ Single Tube can also be used with a linear Barcode Reader so the barcode on the side of the rack can be scanned simultaneously
  • Available with cryoprotection to prevent clouding
  • The software displays the results of the scan and can identify the difference between a correctly scanned tube (green), a damaged tube (red) and missing tube (grey)

SAFE® READ Single Tube Mobile

The  SAFE® READ Single Tube Mobile incl. software and tablet with docking-station - reads 2D codes of SAFE®, LVL CRYO and any additional standard 2D tubes

  • Intelligent and fully portable 2D barcode reader for single tubes
  • Wired or wireless communications
  • Up- or down-load data from host computer
  • Operating modes selected from main screen icons
  • Full day operation without the need to re-charge the battery
  • Cryoprotection provided as standard
  • Can be customised for applications in your laboratory
  • Client software to provide wired interface between computer and instrument
  • With Battery charger and USB lead to connect instrument to host computer
  • Dimensions: 155mm x 65mm x 38mm
  • Battery life: Typically, 8 hours between charges
  • Data storage on instrument: Typically, up to 60.000 samples
  • Small 1D linear code scanner linked to the Handheld by Bluetooth Protective Case
  • Protective cover
  • Optional for Wireless Applications: Handheld Server, Keyboard Wedge, Link to Excel, Link to Database

Order Details

Stationary Device

Article No.Readercryoprotection
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DMSTSingle TubesNo
DMST-CPSingle TubesYes

Mobile Device

Article No.Readercryoprotection
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DMST-HSingle TubesNo
DMST-H-CPSingle TubesYes

Stationary and Mobile Device

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DMST-SCSingle Code
DMST-SC-HSingle Code Handheld

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